MATTHEW NEEDHAM is an a-gender fashion label rooted in sustainable practice and storytelling. Up-cycling waste and using dead-stock from luxury fashion houses are inherent within the process of collection making, with garments carrying greater value that their material.

"I believe that clothing has a greater power today than ever before. Garments reflect who we are and they also allow us to communicate and share information. Being that education is built into the foundation of my design intention, I believe that clothing should only exist with the intention of creating a positive example for future design practice. Philosophically speaking, I describe this process of taking waste and making new as a circular exchange between ‘The Man’ and ‘The Residuum’. Every collection having a strong emphasis on utilising found materials and taking them through a process of creative instinct."


The company reflects the zeitgeist of today and champions the use of unorthodox materials that are both innovative and educational, questioning the societal relationship we have with our clothing. 


Recognising that meaningful change relies on community, the aim is to highlight the importance of working together through collaboration and transparent practice. At present, the company provides made-to-order services. 




Allowing the found materials to influence the development of each project and collection means that the outcome depends entirely on the time and place. As a company, we believe that honouring this organic process of finding allows for genuine response and complete transparency to our consumer, with materials essentially re-starting their journey at 0. 


Regardless of material value, the story of where and when each material was found is luxury beyond commerce for us. We no longer live in a time where commodity is our main priority and designing for positive change is essential. 

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