Questioning the state of the world we inhabit, Matthew Needham's graduate collection considers the future of humanity channeled through the boundless topics of anthropology, revolution and sustainability. "Under commodity culture's growing shadow lives waste. It's a secret beyond the consideration of the fashion industry and indeed its remit."

The concept of waste forms the core to this collection. After accumulating discarded materials from the fashion industry, landfil and non-recyclable debris, Matthew applied an exploratory process of craftsmanship with awareness of humanity's necessity for self-sufficiency, to create pieces greater than the sum of their parts. He presents the man as collector as an imperative trait for our future race. "By using waste as a viable resource for design and with the combination of intelligence and invention, this collection presents a blueprint for sustainable design and a significant model of our future, following the collapse of civilisation as we know it."

- Exhibition excerpt from New Order of Fashion, 10/2019





'The end is near, time for new beginnings'.


 As if rudely awakened from a collective lucid daydream, some still a bit groggy, others with eyes wide open and ready to face the reckoning, we all know: if ever there were a time, now’s the time to do better. This is the new state of awareness that is shaking up the world of fashion. For good.

The New Order Of Fashion team signals a strong activist and action ready attitude among this year’s fashion graduates from the best national and international art and design academies. Woke to the manifold injustices so tightly woven into the status quo, here is an emerging generation of gifted designers striking out to break the mould and dazzle us with exciting alternatives.

It is time for new beginnings. It is time to redesign everything from the bottom up so as to do right to the many wrongs; to the planet and all its life, to our fellow human beings, and ultimately, to ourselves.

New Order Of Fashion selected the most imaginative and forward minded proposals that dare to challenge ruling conventions, systems, constructs and borders. These outstanding graduation projects address urgent universal topics as diverse as the sweeping effects of climate change and cries for environmental and social justice and an even playing field for cultural and gender diversity.

- Excerpt from neworderoffashion 10/2019

Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

Artwork by Fleksel

Photography by Ronald Smits

Text Mo Veld

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